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New Milford, Connecticut, has many features and attractions to delight every member of your group or family. The Memorial Bridge offers a stone passageway that embodies the history of our ancestors, and the Milfords Knights Travel Basketball Program is holding tryouts for their basketball team next week. Mil Hartford is the sixth oldest city in Connecticut, so it's a great place for people with roots in the city.

Water recreation is everywhere in the country, and New Milford Waterfront Park, the largest water park in the United States, offers a variety of activities for children and adults.

Dike Point Park also offers a picnic area where you can spend an excellent time with friends and family. Among the things to do while having fun in the park are hiking, horseback riding, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming and many other activities. You can even explore the other parks of New Milford, such as Waterfront Park, River Park and Water Park. Play in these parks and so many other activities you can enjoy in this beautiful city.

Go under the bridge, stand in the water of Lake Lillinonah and remember the locals who once called this area home and the area they once called home.

Every place in New Milford would tell you something about the rich background of NewMilford, except the New Milford Historical Society Museum. The museum has a rich collection of artifacts, records and landmarks that show the history of the New Milfords.

This is a beautiful place that offers exciting experiences to every member of your group or family. Whether you are looking for a place for a family picnic, an exciting water sports or a fun day at the beach, this is the place for you.

If you want to chill out with your friends for an afternoon, you can relax in the park while mingling with other tourists and locals. If you are a fan of bowling and want to enjoy an activity with members of your group or family, head to Dolrbill Bowling and Family Entertainment Center. Whether you want to go out alone or have the opportunity to go out alone and enjoy exquisite theatre or mingle with the local community, this centre is the place for you.

Whether you go cycling or jogging, you can park and enjoy a nice picnic on the scenic trails or go on a tour by bike or kayak. Walk across Hotchkiss Bridge, grab an ice cream bag and treat yourself to a lobster dinner. Look over the gorge framed by the arches of the Memorial Bridge and down into the Connecticut River.

Since Milford is home to a nationally recognized cuisine, foodies will love sweet cupcasions and 7 Seas that pop up to taste. If you happen to drop by these restaurants, make sure you try the flatbread pizza; it will be the best you have ever tried.

They learn about Milford's history and the challenges faced by the early settlers on their journey from New England to Connecticut and beyond.

On the shores of this small New England town lies a small island with an amazing history full of exciting films, buried treasures and a rich cultural heritage. The island, which was then called Poquahoag on the mainland and now forms Milford, somehow passed into the possession of European settlers in the 17th century, but the earliest known history of the summer house was inhabited by the Paugusset Indian tribe. Bryan Downs House, originally built in 1785 along Post Road, was dismantled and moved to its current location in 1801.

The house is just a short walk from the approximately two-mile waterfront promenade that connects Walnut Beach to Silver Sands State Park. There is never a dull moment in this popular park, which also features a kayak ramp on the Housatonic River, which is just down the road.

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More About Milford