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There are many cool things to do in Connecticut, but this hodgepodge holds hidden attractions in Connecticut that go unnoticed by the masses. These coastal areas and scenic wonders are all within an hour or two of each other, and all within a few miles of each other.

The location of New Milford is so fantastic because it is also home to one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state of Connecticut. The numerous parks in this area offer places where you can enjoy the views of these areas, hike, picnic or even explore. There are also many other parks and recreation areas in and around NewMilford that offer walking and walking trails to visitors.

Gillette Castle State Park is located across the Connecticut River from all the above stops and deserves its own post. re on a road trip to Connecticut, check out our list of cool places and fun things to do in New Milford Connecticut while you are on the road. Instead of creating your itinerary exclusively to track the big names in the travel industry, add your top 5 insider travel tips and don't forget the lesser-known Connecticut attractions that Nutmeggers themselves have posted on Facebook and Instagram.

There are many places to get a quick bite to eat, mainly chain restaurants located along Route 7 in New Milford, but there are a number of restaurants of which NewMilford is proud. Just across Bridge Street is a great place to stop for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a late night meal. Another great thing about Newmilford are the many small towns in your area that have restaurants nearby. There are restaurants in the city that we are proud of, and also a few restaurants from other cities.

This restaurant has the longest bar in New Milford and has a wide selection of beers and liqueurs to choose from, as well as a wider selection of beers and liqueurs.

This is the only restaurant within walking distance of the beach, which is literally across the street and serves a light and quick lunch after a day at Silver Sands State Park. In addition to Silver Sands State Park, Milford has a number of other great restaurants and bars, all offering a wide selection of beers and liqueurs, as well as a variety of wines and spirits.

Also in New Milford is the Forest Hill Community Center, a community center for residents of the city. Residents of ForestHill gather in the park to enjoy amenities such as a pool, activities and clubhouse.

The Memorial Bridge features a stone passage that embodies the history of our ancestors, and Milford is the sixth oldest city in Connecticut. Although NewMilford is only a picturesque Connecticut rural town, there is also one of the most exciting nightlife scenes in town. One of the best things to do with your kids in Connecticut is plan a family getaway and make it a great place to visit this city and put down your roots in this city! You can make fun of traveling with the right people, but New Milfords Connecticut has many features and attractions that make every member of your group and your family exciting.

Water recreation is plentiful in the countryside, and you can visit New Milford Waterfront Park, Bridge to Fall River Park and Connecticut State Park. Then there is NewMilford Town Park, which offers a variety of activities for children and adults, including swimming, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and much more. It also includes a skate park built by New Milford residents, adults and children.

The Coastal Centre at Milford Point is at the very tip of the city and a 3.4-mile waterfront path was opened in 2011, connecting Silver Sands to Walnut Beach in Devon. The promenades lined the shoreline of Silver Sands, the only one of a kind in the state, with the longest continuous boardwalk in Connecticut, and lined the beach on the outskirts.

The sand is protected from big waves, which makes it sound like a beach, but people are on earth and there is a lot of history here. If you live in a seaside resort - a quality city - you have to live with the seaside resorts and the quality of the city.

VIP Airport Transportation offers business customers in Milford the most luxurious experience and is available at all major Connecticut airports as well as in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. There is also a private jet service to and from the airport and private air service from New Haven, Hartford and Hartford.

If travelers need to rent a vehicle, they would drive to Route 7 in New Milford, located at the intersection of I-95 and US-1, south of the I-95 exit. You will find the Devon exit, which has a car park with about 1,000 spaces and a restaurant. At this exit you will find many parking spaces and parking spaces for a few hundred vehicles if you are heading north. If you are heading south, you will find plenty of parking space to first take US 1 and then exit at the exit onto I-95.

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More About Milford