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The Connecticut Art Trail will celebrate its 10th year of guiding art lovers across the state, including more than 1,000 galleries, museums, galleries and art galleries. The Made in Connecticut exhibition is part of a landmark year for the trail, which includes the opening of the Connecticut Impressionist Museum of Art in New Haven, Connecticut. Launched in 2013 and the first of its kind in the country, the trail includes 10 museums and is open to the public. It now includes a growing number of member companies, including galleries in art-based environments.

Independent curators of the exhibition are the Connecticut Impressionist Museum of Art and the New Haven Art Museum. The executive director and executive vice president of marketing and communications for the Connecticut Art Trail is Dr. Michael J. D'Agostino, a professor of history at the University of Connecticut.

He has won numerous awards, including a jury exhibition in Newtown, Connecticut Art Trail and the New Haven Art Museum. He had one - one shows his art at Trumbull City Hall and Stevens Ford, and he has won and won several national and international awards for his work in art.

Most of the artworks in the Permanent Art Collection were purchased by the Milford Fine Arts Council, while other pieces were donated to the City of Milford and Milford Fine Arts. The paintings hang on the walls of the Town Hall, the State House and the City Museum of Art and History.

The registered agent for the company's files is Robert Aledort and is located in the Milford Fine Arts Council office at City Hall, 100 Main Street. If you have an emergency, please visit your business in a safe place, such as the State House, or in your home, in Robert's Aledsort. The registered agent and file of this company are located in one of two places, in the town hall or in the statehouse.

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The Connecticut Art Trail Passport is officially sponsored by hotels such as Delamar, Goodwin Hotel and Zero Degrees. Troutband Prosek will be giving a concert in Wadsworth, which can be followed virtually from their home. The entrance to Wadworth and the "Made in Connecticut" exhibition include a view of the museum and the work in the new Milford Blonder, the first of its kind in Connecticut.

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